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Physics Journals and Magazines

Physics Only

Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
The price list shows some journals as free.

APEIRON Studies in Infinite Nature
A peer-reviewed journal of physics and astronomy. Provides postscript reading of the current issue.

Brazilian Journal of Physics
Zipped postscript copies of all papers.

Computers in Physics
In 1998 this was merged to form Computing in Science and Engineering. However, old tables of contents and *.pdf versions of some archived articles are available.

Condensed Matter Physics
Published by the Institute for Condensed Matter Physics. All papers are available in LaTex.

European Physical Journal - EPJ direct
A separate journal from EPJ: A/B/C/D or /E with the same aims and scopes, but it publishes its articles immediately and exclusively online.

Fizika A (Zagreb), Fizika B (Zagreb)
Distributes papers in pdf and postscript formats.

International Journal of Fluid Dynamics
A refereed journal for scientific papers dealing with fundamental research in any area of fluid dynamics

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Online
Provides full text of letter articles in both HTML (in preparation) and PDF.

Journal of High Energy Physics (JHEP)
A refereed journal written, run, and distributed by electronic means. The archive from 1997-2001 is available free of charge.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan
Provides online text for letters printed in the journal.

Living Reviews in Relativity
A refereed solely electronic journal offering reviews in all areas of relativity. Published by the ALBERT-EINSTEIN-INSTITUT.

MRS Internet Journal of Nitride Semiconductor Research - MIJ-NSR
A peer-reviewed journal published by the Materials Research Society.

Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal
A free refereed journal.

Memoirs on Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics
Original papers with full proofs in ordinary and partial differential equations and their applications.

Net Advance of Physics
Review articles and tutorials in an encyclopaedic format.

New Journal of Physics
A peer-reviewed, all-electronic journal publishing original research in all areas of physics. From the Institute of Physics.

Nuclear Physics electronic
Contains "Nuclear Physics A", "Nuclear Physics B" and "Nuclear Physics B (Proceedings Supplements)".

OE Reports (Optical Engineering)
SPIE's OE Reports covers new and evolving technologies, applications of optics and optoelectronics, and business and economic trends in the industry.

Optics Express
Published by the Optical Society of America.

Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams
A fully peer-reviewed electronic journal from APS, distributed without charge.

Physics in Canada
The Journal of the Canadian Association of Physicists. Contains review and editorial content, plus news and announcements.

Physics Express Letters
Standard (free) access provides full text in Acrobat PDF or PostScript or HTML formats.

Physics of Life
Highlights journal articles on the physics of life which are published in some twenty reputable and established journals.

Physics World
>From the IoP (Institute of Physics). Free summaries, but the full stories require a subscription.

Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia (PASA)
Articles in PDF or PostScript formats.

Science (Including Physics)

New Scientist
Web site of a science magazine for scientists.

Popular Science
The magazine for anybody interested in science.

Science Notes
Written/illustrated by students in the Science Communication Program at the U. of California, Santa Cruz. (some broken images and links, but the content was good)

A global weekly magazine of science.

Scientific American
Website of the popular magazine. Each issue has at least two major articles in their entirety, with links that let you connect directly to the researchers and their work.