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March 24, 1896: the first radio signal transmission more: Today in Physics  





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Aug/17 - Clyde and Bonnie: A Tale of TRIUMF
Feb/13 - A Quicker Way to Fill a Kettle?
Jan/13 - Getting Bombed with Beer, not the Usual Way
Dec/12 - Was Superman Fat? (or is the BMI formula flawed)
Aug/12 - Running in the Rain, Now There's an App for That
MAY/12 - Skipping Physics
APR/12 - Music and Physics Notes: Fractions and Harmony
MAR/12 - Music and Physics Notes: Hearing the Difference
FEB/12 - Music and Physics Notes: Pondering Scales
JAN/12 - A Progressive(s) Year
DEC/11 - Drill for Skill
APR/09 - End of the World Update
MAR/09 - The Pi Verses
SEP/08 - End of an Era
APR/08 - "You can levitate what??!!"
DEC/06 - More Fun With Oobleck
DEC/04 - The Power of One
MAY/04 - Final Comments (maybe) on "Is it Worth Running in the Rain"
MAY/03 - Part 1: Walking with Coffee
APR/03 - "Free" Energy or Perpetual Madness?
MAR/03 - Are Scientists Cynics?
FEB/03 - "What's Up Doc?"
JAN/03 - Avoiding Fog & Frost on Your Windshield
DEC/02 - Physics Exam Advice
OCT/02 - Book Review: The Battle for the Beginning
DEC/01 - When to add cream & other coffee mysteries
SEP/01 - Fun with Oobleck and Glurch
AUG/01 - "What is Charge Made Of?"
JUL/01 - Physics Career Musings
DEC/00 - Physics Quotations
NOV/00 - Physics of "MAKE MONEY FAST"
SEP/00 - Physicist's Computer Choices
AUG/00 - Entropy, Disorder and Evolution
JUL/00 - Kinematics of Driving: Some "Real" Traffic Considerations
JUN/00 - Running in the Rain - Javascript Calculator
MAY/00 - Is it Worth Running in the Rain?
APR/00 - Quantum Leaps in Computing
MAR/00 - Big Bang in a Test Tube?