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To use this app, enter what you know into the letters input field then press enter or tab/click out of the field. Substitute characters you do not know with periods. For example, "h..k" finds 4 character words starting with "h" and ending with "k".
The reason for periods instead of spaces for unknown characters is because the app tests your input as a regular expression(regex), and in regexes periods are unknown characters.
Regexes have other useful functionality. For example, "c.[tb]" finds 3 letter words starting with "c" and ending with either "t" or "b". More information can be found at
For people familiar with regexes, don't add "^" and "$", this is done automatically.
Word list from the ENABLE word list.
To search for a words definition, click on the question mark after it and then start the Google search. If Auto Google is selected the search will start automatically.
This can be used to help with various word puzzles and games including crosswords, Scrabble™, hangman and word polygon.
Blank fields will be ignored.