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Winnipeg Manitoba Internet Service Providers (ISP)
Where to find cost comparisons

** the information on this page is getting quite old so it is no longer linked from the main site

Internet service providers tend to move their rate pages around as they update their sites and rate plans. Refer to their home page if the rate page does not load.

Since Winnipeg is a cost-sensitive community, a few features of the cheapest listed deal are given. Other factors you may wish to consider include: number of email addresses, speed, spam filtering, web space & web space features. This information is provided based on reading information on the listed contact page on the date given below. It is not guaranteed. In some cases the information was either too complex or not obvious, so no summary is given.

CompanyRates & PlansCheapest Published Plan Highlights
(as the last time I checked...)
A & W Internet 10 hrs @ $9.95/month
AOL Canada
COOL 30 hrs @ $13.50/month, $135/yr
Gate West 15 hrs @ $13.95/month - 2 email addresses
iSTAR 10 hrs @ $7.95/month
MTS Unlimited DSL (high speed) @ $28.88/month for first 8 months
My Canada unlimited @ $15.99/month - includes domain name hosting
PCS Internet no plans detailed on the site
Prairie Online Unlimited @ $26.95/month - longer terms are much cheaper - 3 email addresses
Shaw (Cable)

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