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Doug Craigen, PhD (Physics)

B.Sc.: University of British Columbia
M.Sc.: University of Waterloo
PhD: University of Waterloo

Doug Craigen is a former Physics Professor (Acadia University). He has worked in areas as diverse as microwave communications modelling, semiconductor research, research with the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the Univ ersity of Manitoba, web site design and most recently for Enginia Research.

He is the father of 4 (now all grown or nearly grown). Many hours of reading stories when they were young provided the inspiration for this site. He is also a guitar player, and has many years of experience leading/coaching different types of kids clubs/teams.

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About Doug Craigen

Ken Otter, PhD (Biology)

B.Sc.: University of British Columbia
M.Sc.: Queen's University
PhD: Queen's University

Ken Otter is a Biology Professor at the University of Northern British Columbia. He is also an artist with specialties in cartooning and scientific illustration. Ken is a father of two.

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