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Eureka! Stories
Parent's Note

Children's stories should be fun!
But that is not all.

Fun is a large part of how children learn about the world. When a child's favorite book is about a firefighter, they learn about firetrucks, hoses, using water to put out fires ... and they want to be a firefighter when they grow up. While the latter is usually a temporary phase, this is all a very good product of their fun.

Eureka! Stories is a series of stories I'm working for young children. They are based on achievements of historical scientists. Some of the things I hope the stories will accomplish will be:

  • give them an appreciation of science and scientists
  • teach the scientific method by example
  • introduce some elementary science concepts (leverage, Archimedes' Principle, etc)

If you have any interest in this project I would love to hear from you. I'm curious how many other parents think this is a good idea. Further down the road, I'm curious about interest in online educational games based on the stories, or paperback versions, or suggested "Kitchen Sink" experiments to do with young kids. Feel free to email me with any comments.


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