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pictures of Doug Craigen Actually, its who is DC Physics?

Hi, I'm Doug Craigen (aka "DC") - a former Acadia University physics professor (I've also taught at the University of Winnipeg). I began making web pages about physics in the mid-90's. Some of these grew very popular-particularly the humor and lists of textbook errata. However, the time has come to rethink my physics pages. DC Physics represents their next evolution. DC Physics is located on my company (DC Tech) web site so that the URL will stop jumping around the way the old ones did as my ISP kept getting bought out by one company after another.

I wanted to have one of those friendly sites with a picture of myself, but aside from my driver's licence (you don't want to see that!) the only recent one I could find was blurry with the sun glaring off one side of my face and the other side hidden in the shadow. NO PROBLEM - all a physicist needs is a scanner and some image processing software. However, I liked everthing I tried, so I've posted them all to the left plus the original. See if you can determine which is the original unprocessed photo.

I get people writing to ask about connecting with Facebook, Linked In, etc. Yes, I can be found on social media but as of fall 2012 it has still not overtaken my life. I keep my Facebook friends to people that I already know from meeting in person... their security model doesn't leave me comfortable with much else. So, if you're looking to learn more about me via social media check me out on Google Circles. I'm going to give that a try for broader connections as the security model looks better to me.