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April 28, 2001: World's first space tourist more: Today in Physics  

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April 28


Deaths of Nobel Prize in Physics Winners

  • 1999: Arthur Leonard Schawlow
    • Nobel Prize in 1981 "for their contribution to the development of laser spectroscopy"
    • Bio from the Nobel website

Other Deaths

  • 1903: Josiah Willard Gibbs
  • 2007: Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker
    • He was the longest-living member of the research team which performed nuclear research in Germany during the Second World War, under Werner Heisenberg's leadership. There is ongoing debate as to whether he, and the other members of the team, actively and willingly pursued the development of a nuclear bomb for Germany during this time.
    • More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Friedrich_von_Weizs%C3%A4cker

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