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Physics textbook errata - Fowles and Cassiday

Errors in Physics Textbooks - a listing of known physics textbook errata. However, I don't have the time to check out all physics textbooks myself. If you are aware of errors that I have not included from this or any other physics textbook, please e-mail me the details.

Errata for
Analytical Mechanics - Fifth Edition
by Fowles and Cassiday

My only errata for this book comes from a letter from Eric Roberts, who used the book as a student at Sam Houston State University. He composed a summary of errors that showed up in his class and sent them to the publisher.

On page 18, example 1.9 shows that n = 1. It should read as:

On page 38, equation 1.51 is missing a unit vector:

On page 40, equation 1.60 is missing a derivative from the second phi:

Problem 1.14 on page 42 is missing a unit vector:

The differential equation of page 108 that follows 3.60 should not thake the second time derivative of m but of x:

Figure 5.9 on page 157 should have the label on the vertical arrow as:

Equation 5.22 on page 169 should read:

On page 193, the last equation of example 6.1 should be:

On page 254, the equation should be labeled as 7.62

Finally, problem 8.1a on page 289 has an error with the answer found in the back of the book. The book's answer of b/3 is for the same problem, but with the wire bent as a block with an open top and equal segment lengths of b.