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Physics textbook errata - Giancoli

Errors in Physics Textbooks - a listing of known physics textbook errata. However, I don't have the time to check out all physics textbooks myself. If you are aware of errors that I have not included from this or any other physics textbook, please e-mail me the details.

Errata for
Physics, 4th Edition
by Giancoli

From Franklin W Fogle:

page 67 - Chapter Summary

A vector of magnitude V making an angle theta with the x axis has components:
Vx = V sin(theta)
Vy = V cos(theta).

These are reversed, and should be:
Vx = V cos(theta)
Vy = V sin(theta)

Chapter 16, problem #7: Assume that the two opposite charges in figure 16-26a are 12 cm apart.

There isn't any figure 16-26a, and the author meant to use figure 16-25a.

Chapter 21, problem #7: the given answers in the book are (a) clockwise and (b) counter clockwise.

This problem cannot be answered as such, and should be (a) counter clockwise, and (b) clockwise.

From Robert Curtis:

page 396 #1

1. How does the number of atoms in a 30.0 gram gold ring compare to the number in a silver ring of the same mass?
Author's Answer: (p1002) 1.8x

Clearly, there are fewer gold atoms than silver!!!! (more mass per atom)
The answer is 107.8682/196.96654 = 0.5476473