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Physics textbook errata - Kittel

Errors in Physics Textbooks - a listing of known physics textbook errata. However, I don't have the time to check out all physics textbooks myself. If you are aware of errors that I have not included from this or any other physics textbook, please e-mail me the details.

Errata for
Solid State Physics - Seventh Edition
by Kittel

My only errata for this book comes from a letter from Eric Roberts, who used the book as a student at Sam Houston State University. He composed a summary of errors that showed up in his class and sent them to Dr. Kittel. You can download the wordperfect file for the letter here. It should be noted that Dr. Kittel sent a prompt and courteous reply indicating that he was informing the publishers of the errors for correction in the next printing. He responds to the question about the boundary value problem on page 187 with "The fourth, the boundary condition problem, refers to a periodic boundary condition imposed on the whole ring, and I believe is OK as set."

In chapter 2 on page 49, the summary should contain the correction:
and not:

On page 122 in equation 25, the final set of parenthesis in the integral for U should be: in which both the numerator and the denominator have

There are round-off problems with problem 2 on page 92, giving an answer of 0.956. Eric's class obtained: