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Hobby Physics

Chronology of Physics
A collection of major events in the history of physics since 2980 BCE. For George W. Goth, maintaining this site is a hobby.

Furby Autopsy
Physicists have this burning desire to take things apart and find out how they work. So the "death" of a toy needn't be a tragedy - it may be your opportunity.

A great place to look for the answer to "how does that work?"

Science Hobbyist
Maintained by Bill Beaty, an electrical engineer with a strong interest in physics. A very large site consisting of fun activities and challenging thoughts for physicists.

Traffic Waves, Physics for bored commuters
Have you ever thought of traffic as a medium, and a jam as a traveling pulse in that medium. The conclusions just might change the way you drive.

Types of Rocket Propulsion
A physics hobbyist gets an outline of known methods of propulsion from NASA.