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(also see The Big List of Physics Humor and my own Physics humor)

About Physicists

A Party of Famous Physicists
Find out what happened when a bunch of famous physicists got together.

How to Catch a Lion
Physics provides a multitude of new methods for catching lions.

Light Bulb Joke
How many physicists does it take to change a light bulb?
Another answer

The Physicist's Bill of Rights
A bit too late to make the Constitution, the Physicists Bill of Rights is still a milestone in the protection of minorities.

Understanding Research Papers
What they write versus what they mean.

Cartoon Physics

Cartoon Laws of Physics
Move aside Newton and make room for Wile E. Coyote. The true laws of Physics as evidenced in cartoons are quite different from what we have been led to believe.
also see: The Laws of Anime

Einstein Simplified: Cartoons on Science
In association with Amazon.com -- click on the "look inside" link to see some sample cartoons from this book.

Jack Holden's Illustrated Dictionary of Physics
A picture is worth a thousand words. See for yourself what a "foot-candle" is.

Ken Otter's Physics Cartoons
See the difference between an experimentalist's cat and a theoreticians's cat.

Physics Cartoons
Learn how the "moo-on" was discovered.


Bell Labs Proves Existence of Dark Suckers
Do "light bulbs" emit light or suck in the dark? You decide!

New Chemical Element Discovered
Administratium - with one neutron, 125 assistant neutrons, 75 vice neutrons and 111 assistant vice neutrons this element is capable of impeding any reaction.

Not only is a new particle predicted, but it should have an evil twin brother.

General Physics

A Ridiculously Short History of Time
If you had trouble with Hawking's book, maybe this page is closer to your speed.

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics
Warp speed 10 over to this site!

Is there a Santa Claus?
The laws of physics are shown to forbid Santa's existence, however the discussion carries on.

Newton's Laws - a humorous explanation for kids
Excerpt: "if your sister is fat, she has a lot of mass"

Physics Product Warnings
What if truth in advertising included physics? Here are some warnings/disclaimers like: "This Product Warps Time and Space in its Vicinity"?

Sex Life of an Electron
Just what was Micro Henry up to?

The People Who Run Things
Apparently their houses look like igloos, but turn out to be hundreds of triangles locked together into a Fullerene hemisphere.

Uncylopedia: Physics
The Physics section of a satire on Wikipedia.

Lessons in Physics

Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics
Ok, I finally gave in to popular demand and included this. I grew tired of explaining that while the site concept is intended to be amusing (& gratuitous), in the end you'll have to admit this isn't a humor piece but an explanation of semiconductor Physics.

Cats Laws of Physics
Which naturally leads one to wonder What happens when competing laws clash... like strapping a piece of toast butter side up onto a cat's back.

Where does electricity go when it leaves the toaster?

Proof Techniques
Learn how to prove anything to anybody (almost).

Political Causes

Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide
Its colorless, odorless, tasteless, transparent and kills thousands of people. Its also water.... one of the most enduring and often emailed-to-a-friend spoofs on the net.

DHMO: Your All Natural Friend
Yes, there is also a movement to promote dihydrogen monoxide.

Downsize the Solar System
In an era of shrinking budgets and downscaling of megaprojects, it was only a matter of time until Congress realized how bloated the Solar System is.

Hazards of Solar Energy
Many people don't realize that "Solar Energy" is based on a highly explosive gas and nuclear fusion.

Quantum Mechanics

Chicken Physics
How many chickens can fit into a Pontiac? With a little quantum mechanics you can work it out.

Laundry: A Quantum Mechanical Approach
From missing socks to lint, how quantum mechanics demystifies laundry.

Quantum Finance
Yes money displays duality. It looks like a particle, but it flows in waves of profit and loss.

Quantum Mechanics Saves Santa
When one allows for quantum effects, Santa may exist after all. (Engineering & QM discussions follow standard proof of Santa's non-existence)

Theoretical Physics

Physics Theoretical
A poem about why its best to be a theoretician.

Even the references are funny on this one. Includes the best reduction of an equation I've ever seen.

Still Getting Sorted

Non-Quite-Physics: Hard to classify stuff

Science Made Stupid
One of my favorite books, it keeps popping on and off various locations on the web. Possibly lawyers keep finding copyright violations on such pages and shutting them down.

Why God Never Received Tenure at any University
The answer to one of theology (and academia)'s biggest questions.