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Amusing Errors in Physics Textbooks

These ones didn't quite seem in place for the Physics Textbook Errata List

Study Guide to Accompany 'Principles in Physics' - Gordon and Serway
Harcourt-Brace, 1994, p. 36.
The SI unit of mass is the hologram.

from Jim Glass:
CRC Standard Mathematical Tables, Student Edition, 16th Edition
edited by Samuel M. Shelby, PhD
Published by Chemical Rubber Company
Copyright 1968
page 382, under DERIVATIVES in the calculus section:
d sin(u) / dx = -(du/dx) cos(u)
d cos(u) / dx = (du/dx) sin(u)
i.e. - the signs are opposite the correct ones, however, this mistake doesn't occur in either the 15th or 17th editions