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Online Physics Lecture Notes

Advanced Astrophysics
Lecture notes for Physics 536 - an astrophysics course at the University of New Mexico.

Computational Physics
A third/fourth year course on computational techniques in differential equations, matrix methods, Monte Carlo techniques.

Energy and the Environment
Online lecture notes for Physics 161 - a course on energy issues.

Galileo and Einstein
A series of lecture notes with a historical perspective on our understanding of the physical world.

General Physics
Lecture notes for Physics 132 (general physics).

General Physics
Physics 251 - the entry point for a six term introductory sequence for physics majors and minors.

How Things Work
A physics course for non-scientists, from the University of Tennessee.

The Interactive Textbook of PFP96
A National Science Foundation sponsored project which covers much introductory physics in a fun/interactive fashion.

IUN/FYDE Introductory Physics Notes
A set of introductory non-calculus physics notes from the University of Winnipeg. A worthwhile reference and study aid.

Lecture Notes in Modern Physics
>From relativity to particle physics, from Peter Suranyi of the University of Cincinnati.

Modern Physics, Astronomy and Cosmology
Quantum lecture notes from Dr. Andrew Fisher at University College London.

Optics Lecture Notes
Extensive notes for a fourth year course on optics from Daniel Suson at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

Physics 1 - Mechanics
An online mechanics course from M.Casco Associates. Fairly complete, with Java demonstrations.

Physics 121
Topics include Mechanics and Thermodynamics, by Frank Wolfs at the University of Rochester.

Particle Physics
Lecture notes from Physics 615, from Niels Walet at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.

Physics 252: Modern Physics
A course on modern physics, with introductions to quantum theory and special relativity.

Physics and Psychophysics of Music
Covers relevant physics topics such as frequency, intensity, fourier analysis... plus musical definitions and relevant psychological/biological information.

Relativity and Cosmology
Lecture notes from Jose Wudka at the University of California, Riverside.

Relativity and Gravitation
Online lecture notes from Clifford Johnson at the University of Kentucky.

Silicon, Circuits, and the Digital Revolution
Lecture notes from a course on the physics in your computer, from George Watson at the University of Delaware.

Tensors and Relativity
An introductory course on General Relativity, from the University of Cape Town.