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October 2000

We are way over stock on quarks, we have zillion and zillions.
We have so many quarks we're eating, breathing and drinking them!
The boss says they all have to go by the end the month, so we're letting them go at

These little babies have it all, they come in different flavors and colors. Some are strange... but talk about charm!!

Check this out: one "up" quark for ONLY $25.
That right, your eyes aren't fooling you ONLY $25!!
At this price you can't buy just one, in fact WE WON'T LET YOU.
Order your up quark now and receive: a second up quark, a down quark and an electron at NO ADDITIONAL COST!!

Come on down to our showroom to see the whole stock, you will be ABSOLUTELY AMAZED at what people are paying!!!!!!!!!!

**a small $100 surcharge per item is required to cover taxes, shipping and handling, commissions and bribes

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