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More Fun With Oobleck

Dececember 2006

A friend just emailed me a link to a great video on YouTube, take a look at: Running on a pool of Oobleck.

I gave a recipe and some discussion for Oobleck in Fun with Oobleck and Glurch. I like Oobleck because of all the fun substances out there, it is probably the easiest and safest to make. I mean, go ahead and eat the stuff if you want! (though not if somebody has been running on it).

You may notice that when one of them stops and sinks into the Oobleck (presumably to prove that this isn't just a shallow pool) he doesn't make any sudden movements. If you've made this stuff you'll appreciate that he can't. I imagine sinking into this pool must be a lot like being in quicksand.

Of course, YouTube list a bunch of other interesting Oobleck vdeos. This one particularly amused me. It appears to be Oobleck sitting in a loudspeaker, coming to life as it plays an 80 Hz tone. Other related videos show the Oobleck dancing around in loudspeakers playing music.

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