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Research Papers in Physics

CERN Document Server
Monthly listings from 1994 onwards of preprints from CERN.

Fermilabs: Preprints, Theses and Proposals
Fermilabs documents since 1970.

LANL e-print Server
Huge online archive allowing you to read research papers from many areas of physics.

Mathematical Physics Preprint Archive
This archive of author-deposited preprints goes back to 1990.

Simultaneous searching of several physics research databases.

Particle Physics Review
An independent on-line review service for preprints in experimental and theoretical HEP and cosmology.

PhysDoc: Physics Documents Worldwide
Search for distributed documents at European & US Physics Departments.

Preprints issued at ICTP
Searchable database of theoretical physics preprints.

SLAC HEP Database
Hundreds of thousands of high-energy physics related articles received by the SLAC and/or DESY libraries since 1974.

Find article titles from a database of thousands of journals and magazines. Search for free, but they also have a paid delivery service.