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Online Physics Textbooks

The Basics of MRI
A complete online textbook on magnetic resonance imaging.

Cockpit Physics
Physics for pilots, from the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Doing Science
An online introductory physics text from Arizona State University that emphasizes hands-on science.

The Interactive Textbook Project
A National Science Foundation sponsored project which covers much introductory physics in a fun/interactive fashion.

Light and Matter
These downloadable books are meant for a one-year college physics course at either the algebra-based or the calculus-based level.

Motion Mountain Textbook
A free general physics textbook which aims to present the basics of motion in a way that is simple, up to date, and as vivid as possible.

Polymers & Liquid Crystals
An extensive online textbook, from Case Western Reserve University.

Principles of Aeronautics
An online book covering many aspects of aeronautics.

Roller Coaster Physics
From Tony Wayne, an extensive look at the physics behind these amusement park rides.

Space Physics Textbook
Topics covered include plasma physics, atmospheric phenomena, solar wind, instrumentation and analysis methods.

Structure of Self-Gravitating Systems
The structure, stability and dynamics of self-gravitating systems.