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Smartphone Help With Running in the Rain

August 2012

I had thought nothing would get me to write, yet again, about running in the rain. That was before I discovered there's an app for that. Not that I have a smart phone, or that it is obvious if/where one could get the app if I did, but it still impressed me enough to be worth a quick note.

The page says the app was based on my page which uses Javascript to figure out how wet you would get in various rain and motion conditions. The idea is to use the phone, pointed in the direction you are moving, to estimate the rain speed and direction then advise you how fast to run. It doesn't really explain beyond that, like in most conditions it is more a matter of how fast is really worth the effort because there is no optimal speed based purely on staying dry. For example, you end up getting wet sweating from running too fast. Also, the next obvious question "is there an app to tell me my speed?". That actually sounds to me like a more obvious app, there's probably lots of them for people jogging etc. So how about a hybrid, you tell the app what the basis for your optimal speed is then it keeps telling you "speed up" or "slow down" as appropriate. Easy for me to say... it's not as though I have any intention of writing it.

March 2013 Update: I just stumbled onto another running in the rain APP Walk or Run. I'm not as clear what this one does and I don't have any i-devices to download it onto to find out.

While I'm back on the topic I'll point out one other page that impressed me. When I made the calculator I apologized for considering you to be a rectangular box. So, someone with a bit more insight than I had made up a page using SpongeBob as an example. No apologies needed! Why didn't I think of that?

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